Balancing the move to a digital front door

Dec 05, 2018 | By Kristin Hickman and Phil Corser

Offering council services online is becoming a significant part of how councils operate now and in the future. The challenge is finding the right balance between online services and human interaction. Too little or too much of either can result in a decrease in the level of community engagement.

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Change Management - why it's in the "harder than it sounds" box?

Nov 13, 2018 | By Phil Corser

We have probably all heard that the key to any successful transformation is the effectiveness of the change management approach and execution. Also, we have all probably seen both good and bad change management in action and could testify that it is the crucial part of any organisational change, whether that’s technology, process or strategy.

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Using Conversational AI to better serve communities

Oct 09, 2018 | By Phil Corser

Conversations require two specific aspects, people and a way to communicate. With Conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence), we now have the ability to communicate directly using technology through conversational applications, such as a Virtual Assistant.

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The pitfalls and hidden costs of Fake Cloud

Sep 04, 2018 | By Mark Matijevic

A growing number of councils are moving their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to the cloud, with many more planning their move. I am a firm believer that cloud technology will significantly improve council’s connection to the community as well as the long-term sustainability of councils. I also believe that while there are many benefits to embracing cloud, there are pitfalls to watch out for as well.

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Is attaining a 360 degree view of the community to drive better customer service achievable?

Aug 16, 2018 | By Mark Matijevic

Councils have long been seeking a 360 degree view of the community – that is, the ability to see all the interactions of the community within the council. If you are closer to your community, you can provide better, more relevant services and tailor those services to the community. But the challenge is how to get there.

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Can councils engage with invisible stakeholders?

Jul 16, 2018 | By Anthony Sidwell

Councils work hard to engage with everyone in their communities. A council can typically engage with people they know about via their ratepayer address, or because the person has engaged with the council previously. But how do councils improve their reach on “invisible stakeholders”, who may not engage with them regularly, or at all?

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Justifying council IT spend – the need to show value to the community

Jun 06, 2018 | By Mark Matijevic

Over the years I’ve taken part in the replacement of many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for local government. These systems provide huge value as they help councils to be more efficient and effective, but the community doesn’t see any of this, which makes it hard for councillors to justify the spend on upgrading IT systems.

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Smart Cities - The gap between hype and reality

Apr 20, 2018 | By Mark Matijevic

Creating smart cities and smart communities is a compelling idea, but the notion is losing value as the investments made by the community are not achieving their goals.

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Driving automation, increasing efficiencies and making better decisions

Mar 16, 2018 | By Tim Searle

Artifical Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are in use in many industries to automate processes, increase efficiency, predict outcomes and make better decisions.

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What makes local government data so valuable?

Feb 05, 2018 | By Mark Matijevic

What makes local government data so valuable? Accessibility, big data and analytics to inform better decision making.
Imagine a world where core local government data was easily available and accessible. What radical changes could this create in the way councils deliver services to people in their community?

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Here's the tech that will change your local government organisation in 2018

Dec 06, 2017 | By Caroline White

Want to be ahead of the game? We asked experts at Datacom what’s going to be big in local government organisations in the year ahead.

Firstly it is important to be aware of the exciting, ‘behind the scenes’ types of technology which make these solutions possible. Here are the ‘big four’ main types of tech, how they intertwine and the solutions they can provide.

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Building smart cities with Churchill

Aug 10, 2017 | By Brook Dixon

VP of the Australian Smart Cities Association, Brook Dixon travelled the world as a Churchill Fellow last year, studying the drivers of digital transformation in leading global cities. In this extract of his report, which he has curated and prepared for Datacom, he looks at the principles, which need to be applied to be considered a smart city:

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