Shire of Manjimup

Council Size: 123 Employees | Population: 9,250 | Solution: Antenno

We have seen the number of devices steadily increasing and 'Antenno' is now a buzzword in our Shire.     Andrew Campbell, CEO, Shire of Manjimup

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Council worker using Mobile Capture on-the-go

Waimakariri District Council

Council Size: 275 Employees

Population: 57,800

Solution: Mobile Capture

The Datacom Mobile Capture platform has allowed WDC to quickly and cost-efficiently work towards the strategic vision for the implementation of a digital mobility framework at WDC.     Jolanda Simon, Chief Information Officer, Waimakariri District Council

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Dunedin city centre

Dunedin City Council

Council Size: 677 Employees

Population: 120,000

Solution: Mobile Capture Environmental Services

Our customers too have noticed the difference with one emailing to specifically congratulate us.     Tanya Morrison, Environmental Health Officer, Dunedin City Council

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Marlborough landscape

Marlborough District Council

Council Size: 241 Employees

Population: 45,900

Solution: Content Manager

We are reaping the benefit of shared development and Datacom's expertise, meaning we can focus on content and services.     Mandy Evans, Digital Services Manager, Marlborough District Council

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Woman sitting in a park using her mobile phone

South Waikato District Council

Council Size: 117 Employees

Population: 24,000

Solution: Antenno

During the Antenno trial phase, our Chief Executive made the comment that since Antenno he hadn’t missed a recycling day!     Kerry Fabrie, Communications Manager, South Waikato District Council

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Marlborough grapes

Marlborough District Council

Council Size: 241 Employees

Population: 45,900

Solution: Mobile Capture

We were impressed with Datacom’s project and development team throughout. The way they worked in partnership towards the end goal was particularly impressive.     Stacey Young, Chief Information Officer, Marlborough District Council

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Gisborne landscape

Gisborne District Council

Council Size: 280 Employees

Population: 43,500

Solution: Local Government Intelligence & Analytics

I now can see what my outgoings are in a more real and timely  manner and can actively keep on top of my finances.     Nedine Thatcher Swann, General Manager for Planning and Development, Gisborne District Council

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Taupo landscape

Taupo District Council

Council Size: 294 Employees

Population: 36,200

Solution: Online Services

Our customer experience has improved dramatically through the convenience of online vetting and submission.     David Greaves, Consents and Regulatory Manager, Taupo District Council

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