Man holding a hard hat under his arm looking at a building under construction

Building & Planning Applications

Apply & Pay

A simplified consenting journey for the community.

Dynamic Smart Forms

Transform how you deliver building and planning applications to the community and go paperless with dynamic Smart Forms.

Self-service customer portal

Enable customers to digitally submit consent applications, supporting documents and payments through a self-service customer portal on any device.

Update back-end systems

Customers can complete forms, update information, upload documents and track applications at any time, from anywhere.

Share applications

Make it easier for customers to provide the right information and enable customers to share their applications with other parties, such as their architect, to finalise forms.

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Vetting & Approval

Deliver building and planning applications in record time.

Secure staff portal

Staff can view all customer applications in a secure online portal to begin the vetting and approval process.

Automated workflow

Configure workflow so tasks are assigned to relevant staff, emails are sent upon completion of tasks and documents are generated.

Streamlined reconciliation

Ensure payments are posted to the correct debtor with minimal effort.

Update back-end systems

Customer data updates your back-end systems, eliminating double-handling.

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Building Applications, Planning Applications & Essential Safety Meausres

Complete inspections with just a device.

Digital data capture

Capture information with Smart Forms and collect rich data, photos, audio, signatures and GPS location with just a device.

Works disconnected

Capture data with or without an internet connection so your inspectors can complete inspections no matter where they are.

Real-time job dispatch

Update Outlook calendars with inspections in real time, or place them in a queue for inspectors to assign themselves.

Real-time data lookup

Access information on-the-go from internal systems and government agencies in real-time.

Off-site printing

Print records of inspections to leave with customers, with an electronic copy recorded for auditing purposes.

Seamless integration

Update your back-end systems with captured data once a connection becomes available.

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Intelligence & Analytics

Real-time insights on your performance.

Operational dashboards & reports

Track and monitor your performance against service level agreements with the community.

Financial dashboards & reports

Track and monitor your performance against budgets and forecasts.

Real-time device updates

Monitor your performance from anywhere with updates sent to your device.


Choose from a library of shared council dashboards and reports that you can adopt or adapt to suit your needs.