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A true cloud solution

Built for the cloud

Simplicity is key and that’s what you get with Datascape Enterprise, a web-based ERP suite encompassing, Financials, Property & Rating, Regulatory and Human Resources & Payroll, that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

Designed from the ground up to make use of native cloud capabilities, also brings significant benefits, such as:

  • Performance – easy scalability for when you need more processing power for the big jobs
  • Efficiency – minimised bandwidth usage and a smart intuitive interface provides a quick, responsive experience for users on all their devices
  • Interoperability – Datascape Enterprise is built to be open to ensure it integrates with many solutions and devices.

Deliver information to the right people, so they can perform their tasks wherever they are

A true cloud ERP solution means your staff can instantly access critical information with any device and an internet connection.

Automated email and app notifications ensure staff are kept up-to-date with assigned tasks and complete them even when out of the office.

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Seamless integration

Connect to any application

Datascape is designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with cloud services and third party applications, including Internet of Things sensor platforms, social media, workflow and ESB services – enabling the move toward smart cities and communities.

Real-time decision making

Connect Datascape Enterprise to real-time sensor feeds giving environmental information such as water quality, traffic movements, water flow, air quality, temperature, and more to support better, more informed planning and decisions.

Build a dynamic, responsive smart community

Automatically trigger social media notifications directly from within Datascape Enterprise to keep your community up-to-date and engaged. Datascape leverages the power of other Datacom solutions seamlessly ensuring all of our solutions are plug and play.

General ledger shown on a desktop computer

Quick and easy to use

A single view of your community

By presenting a single source of truth for all data, Datascape Enterprise makes it easy to find and share the same information across different departments and deliver services effortlessly.

Precise process management and measurement

Datascape Enterprise guides staff through business processes and ensures each step is visible and auditable. This reduces training times and as the rules are embedded in Datascape Enterprise, this automates manual decision-making.

It can also track where decisions are at any point during a process and apply Service Level Agreements, ensuring prompt decision making and customer satisfaction.

All Financial, Property & Rating, Regulatory and Human Resources & Payroll modules, as well as tasks are connected to automated workflows, with clear measurement, reporting and accountability at every step. Tasks and progress can be easily monitored, improving operational efficiency.

Self-service has never been easier with Virtual Assistants

These days, people expect answers to their queries instantly, at any time of the day or night.

Datascape Enterprise incorporates the latest frameworks to support Virtual Assistant, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to answer customer queries, suggest solutions, and automate tasks, freeing up your staff to work smarter and faster on key work items.

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Digital transformation with minimal effort

Out-of-the-box workflows

To get your Datascape Enterprise suite up and running quickly, our expert consultants use pre-configured workflows and templates to help speed up implementation and provide you with a faster return on investment.

A flexible platform for rapid digital transformation

Easily customise Datascape to your business needs with complete scalability and flexibility.

Simply select the modules e.g. Financials, Property & Rating, Regulatory and Human Resources & Payroll, and products and services that suit your needs at the time and extend as your organisation grows and your needs evolve.

Deliver secure and personalised online services

Let your community choose how they interact with you.

A self-service portal gives your customers and partners round-the-clock access to any services, such as rates payments, dog registrations, rubbish collection, water and more.

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Datascape supports the following core council activities


  • GL, AP, AR, & Budgeting
  • Projects & Job Costing
  • Procurement & Inventory
  • Financial Asset Management

Property & Rating

  • Property & Land Management
  • Rates & Rates Modelling
  • GIS Integration


  • Permits & Licensing
  • Building Planning Applications
  • Inspections & Monitoring
  • Infringements


  • Community Input
  • Community Notification
  • Community Engagement
  • My Account Portal

Customer Relationship Management

  • Service Request & Case Management
  • My Account Portal
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Virtual Assistant Support

Human Resources & Payroll

  • Multi Cycle & Out of Cycle Pay Runs
  • Core HR Data Capture
  • Time Sheeting & Leave Management
  • Manager & Employee Portals

How Datascape works for you and your community


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