Woman with a headset with other call centre workers behind her

Engagement Management Professional

Deliver a better service with less effort

Verint’s Engagement Management Professional enables you to enhance your customer service capabilities across all channels using digital first strategies. You can design services from a customer perspective, making it easy for your community to find information and services they need through assisted and self-service access.

Key applications to support customer interaction

Transform the way you respond to unpredictable customer-service scenarios and improve customer experience by combining business rules and processes, knowledge and decision-making support.
Knowledge management tools provide your staff with information to deliver personalised, accurate and contextual responses to customer queries. You can respond to queries faster and solve more issues in the first interaction, providing a better experience for your customers. The same knowledge base can also be used to support a range of self-service queries and transactions accessed through the customer portal, enabling people to answer their own queries.

A personalised self-service experience

The customer portal empowers customers to request or apply for services by completing online forms and provide support to others in an online community. Online forms can be used to support a wide variety of common transactions, from resource consents to complaints. The online customer journey is personalised using customers’ preferred language with services highlighted based on location and profile.

Faster resolution and improved customer experience with assisted-service

The unified employee desktop provides a flexible working environment bringing together customer data, knowledge articles and processes and easily integrates with external back-office applications. The assisted-service tool optimises employee and customer interactions through traditional and digital channels including voice, social and web with co-browse. Call scripts are available to reduce the handling time of a query and improve customer satisfaction.



Engagement Management Professional Solutions


  • Social Engagement
  • Co-Browse
  • Employee Desktop


  • Web Content Management
  • Search
  • Online Community
  • Customer Portal
  • Online Forms

Core Applications

  • Knowledge Base
  • Process Management
  • Online Forms
  • Analytics
  • Case Management
  • Customer Management
  • Integration