Customer Engagement Tools

Community booking website page shown on a laptop

Datascape Online Bookings

Bookings made easy

Provide your community with instant access to your facilities and services with a self-service booking solution. From community centres to sports grounds and fields, people can choose, book and pay for facilities and services easily, on any device.

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Demo council website screenshot

Datascape Websites

A digital gateway to your council

Create a digital gateway to your information and services with an intuitive content management system, specifically designed for councils. Simply choose themes and features to suit your business and get your website up and running in no time.

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Building consent form on a tablet

Datascape Online Services

Digitally transform your services

Use dynamic Smart Forms to transform how your community accesses your services from any device. Customers can submit, request and pay for a wide range of services at anytime. Datascape Online Services streamlines business processes, so you can provide better and faster services for your community.

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Antenno rubbish collection notification on a mobile


Notify, alert and receive feedback from your community

Stay ahead in a high-speed mobile world and transform your council's communications with Antenno. Antenno creates a two way communication loop so you can send alerts and notifications directly to your community and receive feedback through a mobile app.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

General ledger shown on a desktop computer

Datascape Enterprise

Manage core council operations with ease

A new cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solution designed to simplify core council services and enrich community engagement. Datascape Enterprise provides councils with a single source of truth for all data, including customer information across all services.

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Staff Solutions

Mobile capture schedule on a tablet

Datascape Mobile Capture

Enhance the productivity of your on-the-go workers

Transform paper forms into Smart Forms, so your staff can complete inspections, assessments and audits, with just a device. Data can be captured online or offline, enabling off-site staff to complete jobs, even in the most remote locations.

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Business Intelligence

LGIA graph on a desktop computer

Local Government Intelligence & Analytics

Optimise business performance

Track and monitor your performance across a number of key areas with business intelligence designed for councils, so you can make smart insight-led decisions for your council and community.

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How Datascape works for you and your community